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Concrete to Data has Ended, in the Physical Space..


 Concrete to Data has officially come to an end at the Steinberg Museum of Art, but continues online in various ways.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the participating artists, museum staff members, contributors, community members and visitors who came to support the show. Although the works have been removed from the physical space, the transition of the show now lives on virtually via this url.

We will continue to create programs and opportunities for collaboration…

Ryan Seslow, Curator.

Concrete to Data through the Lens of Alexandra Pospelova


Concrete to Data through the Lens of Alexandra Pospelova

I am excited to share a powerful series of Concrete to Data photographs taken by artist Alexandra Pospelova. The selected works give us a peek into the photographers process and how the space can be viewed.  We are taken through various complimentary color combinations and compositions. I asked Alexandra for a statement about shooting the exhibition and sharing her vision on the show.

Concrete To Data photographed by Alexandra Pospelova

“Unique, Moving, Powerful! Concrete to Data is a unique show because graffiti in its nature is an outdoor art form, while here, in Steinberg Museum of Art, one sees it in a totally different environment. It is moving because it makes the viewer look for hidden meanings by overwhelming, puzzling and, in some way, provocative quality. It is powerful because of its large scale spray-painted pieces that have more authority to a body viewing it in a space, as something one cannot take in with one glance. It was a pleasure to photograph such a large variety of mediums, creative ideas, and interesting stories that allowed me to penetrate deeper into seeing the essence of graffiti itself. The camera served as a great tool to discern that essence that cannot be viewed with a naked eye, but through some consideration.” 

Alexandra Pospelova is a young artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, living and working in New York City. In May of 2015 she will receive her B.F.A in Painting and Photography from Long Island University’s Post campus. Notably, in 2013 Alexandra attended the Firenze ArtiVisive school in Florence. In 2012 she was invited to South Korea, where she exhibited her work in four different cities. Alexandra is currently working on her senior thesis honors show that is about the role of art in the modern world. Her work is mostly acrylic on canvas or paper, and her signature work consists of abstract, simple minimalistic forms. Due perhaps to her early training in the arts, Alexandra likes experimenting with her medium of choice, eventually combining crafts with painting. It is important to her idea that she uses mixed media because it gives her work more expressiveness and precision. As to photography, in like manner, Alexandra appreciates older aesthetics, photo processes that experimented with different medium of choice by using unique techniques.

You can explore more of Alexandra’s work on her website –http://alexandrapo.com

Short-link to this post – http://wp.me/p5Jt5Y-gO

The Wooster Collective at Concrete to Data 2/24 @6PM

Wooster Collective Presentation

Join us on Tuesday February 24th at 6PM for a guest lecture with Marc and Sara Schiller of the Wooster Collective. The lecture will take place in the Concrete to Data exhibition at the Steinberg Museum of Art.  This event is open to the public.

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General contact information – info@concretetodata.com

Contact the Steinberg Museum of Art – museum@cwpost.liu.edu

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Concrete to Data Official Artist List!


 Announcing the Concrete to Data Official Artist List!

The Main Museum Space ::

General Howe – CAKE – Leon Reid IV – Chris Stain – Abe Lincoln Jr. – Luna Park – RJ Rushmore – Martha Cooper – John Fekner – Don Leicht – Ryan Seslow – Herb Smith – Henry Chalfant – Monique Spier – Chris RWK – Lady Pink – GAIA – Swoon – SEBS – Jaime Rojo – Jilly Ballistic – Col Wallnuts – Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter – Hrag Vartanian – Billy Mode – Inspire – Yoav Litvin – Katie Yamasaki – Garrison Buxton – Joe Iurato – Adam VOID – Caroline Caldwell – EKG & Cash4 – EKG – Scott Tongue – Daniel Feral – Encrypted Fills

The Digital Space via EncryptedFills.com ::
Curated by the RJ Rushmore & Ryan wholesale NFL jerseys Seslow

Jilly Ballistic – Stinkfish – Broken Fingaz – General Howe – Caroline Caldwell – Abe Lincoln Jr. – Gaia – Enzo & Nio – John Fekner – Olek – Ryan Seslow – Swampy – Peter Drew – Adam VOID – Rone – Enzo Sarto – CAKE – Leon Reid IV – Monique Spier – Michael Branson Smith

Concrete to Data opens to public on January 26th 3: 2015 at the Steinberg No Museum of Art in Brookville, NY. DATA Opening reception wholesale MLB jerseys 2/6/15 – 6pm wholesale NFL jerseys -9pm!




The emphasis wholesale jerseys of this exhibition will celebrate techniques, styles and methods of generating street art and graffiti as the movements have transcended from Haftal?k the 1970’s through today’s new media technologies. The works range from ephemeral on site murals to site specific arrangements and Post installations. Techniques cheap jerseys with aerosol paint, stencils, brush application, paste ups, assemblage, карт sculpture, screen printing, photography, video art, GIF animations and Parkour internet technologies are represented. The works will be installed and composed simultaneously into the museum’s indoor space. A digital platform of the exhibition will also be accessible via an internet connection.

CONCRETE to DATA will be exhibited at the Steinberg Museum of Art, Brookville, NY January 26th 2015 – March wholesale mlb jerseys 21st 2015.

Curated by Ryan Seslow

Contact the curator here – Ryan@ryanseslow.com

General contact information – info@concretetodata.com