Joe Iurato

Joe Iurato Installation in Process

Joe Iurato – “Oh Sunshine” 2015, 13” x 28” x 8”, Mixed Media, Spray paint, woodcut & vintage wooden box.

Oh_Sunshine 2

“I use layers of hand cut paper and spray paint to create texture and form – a modern adaptation of an old-fashioned printing process. My art is nothing more than the exploration and documentation of personal experiences. These are my stories and how I choose to tell them. The site-specific placements of the pieces often utilize the urban environment to complete their narratives

In addition to my public and gallery works, I also work commercially. Past clients include: ESPN, Nike, the NBA, NBC’s Sunday Night Football, Sprite, The New York Racing Association, Mike Tyson’s Iron Mike Productions, and Space Ibiza/NYC. I live in New Jersey. Not the one you see on TV. “


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