Luna Park

Luna Park photo by Alexandra Pospelova

(photo by Alexandra Pospelova)KL

Luna Park :: “Views from along the J train” Series of Digital Photos printed on Aluminum.

Reader x Hence (2011)
Kez5 x Reskew x Main x Myth x Neta (2010)
Smells x Cash4 (2013)
Mir x Utah x Try Harder x 3ess x Hour x Days (2011)
Screw x Kent x Gen2 x Oze108 x MSK x Sweet Toof x Amuse  x Morgan (2010)
Adek x Jade x Kerse x Nekst x Hert x Atak (2010)

Media Station - RJ Rushmore & Luna  Park

Luna Park :: 2005- Present – Digital Media Gallery via Flickr & imac computer installation –

Luna Installs

Luna Park, Installation in process.


Katherine Lorimer (aka Luna Park) is a Brooklyn-based graffiti and street art enthusiast, photographer, curator and librarian. As co-founder and regular contributor to The Street Spot blog, she is passionate about urban art and supportive of all creative endeavors to redefine public space. Her photographs have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago and have appeared in leading street art books and magazines. She has presented her observations on street art at the Brooklyn Museum, New York Public Library and guest lectured for the ‘History & Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti’ course at Long Island University.

One thought on “Luna Park”

  1. Dear Luna Park (Ms. Katherine Lorimer)

    My name is Sho Ishida, a TV director/researcher working on behalf of TBS – Tokyo Broadcasting Corporation.
    I live in NY (Westchester County) and research & make up the filming logic for the following TV program’s shooting.

    We are currently producing a TV program featuring the magnificent NY’s sceneries through the eyes of New Yorkers.
    In this 2 hour program, we are looking for and filming particular sceneries or places, which would be introduced by New Yorkers whom we meet in NY.

    Because of this, I’d like to ask you if we could feature your vision towards Brooklyn’s art on the street and film some of your favorite works at the street corner of Brooklyn.
    If it’s possible, I would like to have a chance to talk to you for further detail of our project.

    Thank you so much for considering about our project.
    Somers, NY

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