Adam Void & Karim Tabbaa

 avoid day spot
Video :: “Dayspot Heroes” 2012 – 2014
Karim Tabbaa & Adam Void
“Dayspot Heroes” is being screened via DVD installation in the main gallery of the Concrete to Data exhibition.

What ties these scenes together? The quality of the locations….
They are places where, generally, people can paint safely during the day – aka: “dayspots”
We were also thinking about “weekend warriors” – people who do one thing during the week and something totally else on the weekend, “dayspot heroes” came out of that.
Its a king who finds their meaning through crushing safe graffiti spots. 
Shot it in 2012 and most of the editing completed in 2014.  The video itself was recorded in 720p 24p on a Panasonic HPX170.  Ambient audio was recorded using a sennheiser ME66.  
 Karim Tabbaa is a Brooklyn based filmmaker, and a member-owner of the Meerkat Media Production Cooperative.

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