Abe Lincoln Jr.

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Abe Lincoln Jr

Video Still frames from “Abnoxious” 2015 DVD Installation for Concrete to Data.

“Abenoxious” is the title of my first video installation.

I wanted to use the punk polemic and juxtapose “sacred” American imagery like the flag and oil rigs with phrases associated with Satanism. I worked with phrases from my misspent youth. The opening of the video is the voiceover from the beginning of Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast. I used the old “Work, Buy, Consume, Die” trope as well and of course quoted “The Great Beast” Alestier Crowley on the psychotronic grand finale.

Am I “serious” about the messages in this video? Absolutely, The Satanic Temple is one of my favorite organizations. Their work in defending the first amendment is sly honest and exhilarating. Check them out they rule. They’re making sure the bad guys don’t dictate the conversation in the halls of justice. Am I anti christian? Not if its a personal choice, I have a made up story I believe in too! I’m just against people shoving their story down other people’s throats.

So I hope you enjoy Abenoxious, wether you’re laughing with me or if you’re hoppin’ I maded fun of Amurrica and Jeebus.


Abe Lincoln Jr. is a Graphic Artist living in Brooklyn NY. His work is informed by skateboarding, punk rock, and mid-century modern design. Abe is a self taught artist who works across broad mediums from hand-drawn postal stickers to high concept Production Art with equal skill. Abe has participated in numerous Art Shows around the world and been a key collaborator with numerous lifestyle brands.




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