Ryan Seslow


Graffiti Character by Ryan Seslow, Day #1 Installation

Miro Shot

“B-Boy”, 2015 Acrylic, Mural. 8′ x 4′, Collaboration with Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter for Concrete to Data.

Leon Reid IV & Ryan Seslow's "Technophemera" Installation in Process

“Technophemera” 2014 – 2015, Outdated technology cast in concrete and plaster, 14′ x 9′, Floor Installation, Collaboration with Leon Reid IV

SLOW, a tag thrown in Wood

Ryan Seslow – “SLOW”, 2015, Wood, 28″ x 14″, abstract graffiti tag arrangement.

Virtuous Reality Encrypted Fills copy

A DVD Still frame from “Virtuous Reality” video installation  collaboration with Adam Void.

Virtuous Reality & Grafideo are two collaborative video art works created by Adam Void and Ryan Seslow in 2014. Both videos have been included in the Encryptedfills.com project as well as being screened in the main museum space via DVD. The videos were generated purely over the internet with out any verbal communication through out the process. The artists agreed upon a subject to work with (graffiti & hand-style) and began filming and editing their own work independently. By uploading their work to a shared folder the artists would then re-film, re-edit, re-compose and remix the existing work of the other artist. This process repeated over a few months until both artists agreed to stop.


DVD Still frame from “Grafideo” a collaboration with Adam Void.

About   Contact   Encrypted Fills

“Encrypted Fills” 2014 – 2015, A New Media Program via imac computer installation. Curated by RJ Rushmore & Ryan Seslow.


Ryan Seslow AKA SLOW is a visual artist, independent curator, graphic designer, and professor of art living and working in New York. Working in a variety of mediums Seslow shows his work both nationally and internationally. He teaches various fine art graduate and undergraduate level studio art and design courses simultaneously between four colleges in NYC and the metropolitan area. He is the creator and curator of Concrete to Data as well as the co-creator and co-curator of Encrypted Fills.





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