INSPIRE – “Digital Flowers & Analog Love”, 2015, Reused paper & paste collage with minimal ink and paint. Internet project, recomposition and collaboration.


“INSPIRE began working in Jerusalem, and later moved to Tel-Aviv. His signature images are a profile of a smiling face and a flower. These images embody his ideological approach to street art as a medium that celebrates individuality and encourages viewers to actively engage with life, rather than to passively conform to conventions. INSPIRE believes that street art has the power to impact its surroundings, and that it may serve as a source of inspiration (hence his name) and transmit positive messages that express resistance to commercial advertising campaigns and consumer society. This approach has led inspire to organize a number of collective street art exhibitions that take place in various public spaces. INSPIRE often collaborates with his wife, the street artist “LEGACY aka POE”. Together they paint large murals and organize street art exhibitions in abandoned buildings and other venues as INSPIRE Collective.”

– Tal Lanir, Curator @ Tel Aviv Museum of Art

INSPIRE appeared in the international graffiti/street art documentary by Jon Reiss: “Bomb-It 2”. See more INSPIRE public art in the middle east online @

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