Col Wallnuts



Col Wallnuts, “Suspended Seperation” 2015 Mixed Media Arrangement for Concrete to Data

COL_Dodsworth Wall


As far back as I can remember I’ve loved abstract expressionism and modern art—the emotion in those paintings would draw me in, and seeing the movement of an artist’s brush as it created life on canvas always captured my attention. A major driving force behind my work was/is my grandmother, who was a self-taught traditional painter and supportive of everything I tried to achieve with my art. When I first started I was just trying to get my name out there by doing graffiti on the street. As I got older and more involved with my work, I realized that I wanted my art to be on a grander scale, so I involved myself with some artists that were doing street murals and that’s where I am today.



My work consists of mixing 3d styles and silhouettes of my letters, that create a wide graphical palette with color and movement.The pushing and pulling of these elements  make  for  very  strong  markings  in my  works. Using an open medium of acrylics, spray  paints,  oils, papers and found objects, my works become emotional with an array of surface life. A lot of my pieces contain heavy strokes, negative space and strong drip work, with the application of various textures and environments. These different elements  within  each  piece  creates a complex statement that provides energy and life to surface structures and the environment the work has been painted in. With each work I create I hope to facilitate a new and varied interpretation of color and life for the viewer. To me that helps in creating successful works built on emotion and thought.

COL_Bucketfeet Install

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