General Howe


General Howe – “Disasters of War” 2015, 7’x 9′ Acrylic Mural for Concrete to Data.

Media Station - General Howe

Detail – Still frame from “Hector Delgado has PTSD” 2015, animated film remix, premiere at Concrete to Data.

Media Station - Encrypted Fills & General Howe

Selected GIF animations by General Howe were included in the Encrypted Fills project for Concrete To Data.


General Howe explores the impact of war in the United States in the beginning of the 21st century. His notable street art project, the battle of Brooklyn, has been published in The Huffington Post and Street Art New York. He took to the web to produce SUPER Election News, a satirical news blog juxtaposing the 2012 election and the Batman Mythology. In 2013 General Howe began his Animated Disasters of War followed by his first solo installation, Nursery, at Kianga Ellis Projects in New York. General Howe lives in Brooklyn.

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