Caroline Caldwell

Caroline Caldwell

 Caroline Caldwell  “Concrete to Dust” 2015,3’ x 2’, On site, Dry Erase Board Installation Series of Ephemeral Drawings.

Caroline Caldwell

Detail view

Installation in Process

Caroline Caldwell, 2015 on Site Drawing,  Installation and Process.


Caroline Caldwell is a 22-year-old artist, writer, student, and all-around-troublemaker, based in NYC. She writes for the street art blog Vandalog, and is a student at Sarah Lawrence College. Caroline’s artwork deals with themes of home, death, and rebellion. Her work questions ideas of property, both through surreal architectural illustrations, and interventions in public space. Caroline finds inspiration in hackers, subverters and culture jammers who use art as a tool of empowerment.

ben close up shanty structure ii

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