Hrag Vartanian


 Hrag Vartanian – “A Zine Project for Concrete to Data” 2015. Printed pages. Floor Installation.

Get a copy of the completed zine here ::


“As the Art World Turns” (2012)

Hrag Vartanian (@hragv) is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Hyperallergic (, the world’s leading art blogazine. His work often explores new mediums, and he has curated numerous exhibitions, including #TheSocialGraph, which was the first exploration of the evolving landscape of social media art. He regularly writes and lectures about performance art, the online art world, street art, and multiculturalism. He maintains an extensive archive of 10,000+ art and culture images on Flickr available under a creative commons license.


“Homage to Robert Gober” (2014)
“At Grace Exhibition Space (Bushwick, Brooklyn)” (2013)

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