Jilly Ballistic


Jilly Ballistic – A series of printed replicas from her NYC Subway system, train cars & platform series. Digital prints & wheat paste on wall, 2015,   5’ x 6’ for Concrete to Data.

Lorimer (L train; Bklyn bound)

Described by close friends as a “reckless foul human being” and “soulless clout,” this loosely categorized artist is also known as a New York City subway vandal; projects include terrorizing the Hollywood film industry by altering movie posters with her charming wit, adding her infinite knowledge as Policy Advisories to the cannon of idioms and celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Chemical Warfare (1914-2014) and Our Glorious War Culture by pasting historical images to site specific locations. She can also be identified by her long winded sentences that travel to no point. Ballistic has been featured in numerous street art documentaries and international culture magazines—from AnimalNY, BuzzFeed, Hyperallergic toHUCK. Believe it or not, Time Out New York has declared her work one of the best underground (issue 843).


Siblings:Happiness runs in the family. McDonalds Ad Hack. (Clinton-Washington; Queens bound G)

SOFTWARE UPDATE UNNECESSARY You're beautiful. Don't change a thing. Cheers, Jilly Ballistic (Breast Augmentation Ad; Greenpoint Ave; Church bound G)

Dekalb Ave (Brooklyn bound BQR)

POLICY ADVISORY Sexism Sells. (23rd & 6th Ave; downtown F:M)

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