RJ Rushmore


Media Station - RJ Rushmore & Luna  Park

RJ Rushmore – “Viral Art” 2014, Electronic Book via a media station imac Computer. 

Media Station - Encrypted Fills & General Howe

“Encrypted Fills” 2014 – 2015, A New Media Program via imac computer installation. Curated by RJ Rushmore & Ryan Seslow.

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RJ Rushmore is a 20-something writer and curator living in Philadelphia. By day, he works at the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. By night, he is editor-in-chief of the street art blog Vandalog, curator of LMNL Gallery & co-creator and co-curator of EncryptedFills.com. He has also written two books on street art and graffiti. He became a fan of street art alongside his father when they began collecting art and searching out street art together in early 2008.


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